EYPC Impacts

EYPC Youth Benefits

Through EYPC, participating youth gain important research, analytical, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills, and most importantly, valuable real-world experience.

Youth work on real social and community change projects such as smoke-free public spaces, healthier school foods, greenways and parks, safer public events, and others.

EYPC’s results are impressive. Since 2005, EYPC youth-led groups have created smoke-free public places, safer parties and gatherings, restricted alcohol use at community events, and much more.

Youth who participate in EYPC report positive personal effects

  • Stronger bonds to their community
  • More confidence in themselves and their skills beyond EYPC
  • Relationships with caring adults who value their input

This evaluation paper was presented at the Midwest Political Science Annual Convention in 2017.

Engaging Youth for Positive Change – Impacts and Outcomes – MPSA

EYPC IL Parks and Rec Mag May-June 2017 Pages 16-18

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An observation-based assessment of EYPC implementation at 4 Illinois sites that was part of the early-phase, developmental evaluation of EYPC:

Cooper, Daniel and Scott P. Hays (2007). “Engaging Youth for Positive Change: A Critical Analysis of Case Studies on Local Action.” Children, Youth and Environments 17(2), 433-453.