Evaluation Process

Step 1: Parent Notification Form

Sample: Parent Notification Form

Two methods of notifying parents:

  1. Printed forms that youth take home to parents.
  2. Supplement with email, social media posting, flyer, inclusion in newsletter or blog, etc.

If a parent chooses to withdraw their child from participation they must be able to notify you by 1) phone, 2) email, or 3) signing and returning the form.

Step 2: Pre-Program Survey

Pre-surveys are to be completed before any programming begins.

Surveys are available in both paper format and on-line.

Step 3: Program Implementation

Implement with fidelity

  • Goal is to have 80% of the youth who took the pre-surveys attend at least 80% of the program sessions.
  • Facilitators should complete facilitator logs for each meeting.

Step 4: Post-Program Survey

The post survey is taken only by youth who took the pre-survey.

Youth who joined late and have not taken pre-surveys should not take post-surveys.