Evaluation Process

Step 1: Parent Notification Form

Sample: Parent Notification Form

Two methods of notifying parents:

  1. Printed forms that youth take home to parents.
  2. Supplement with email, social media posting, flyer, inclusion in newsletter or blog, etc.

If a parent chooses to withdraw their child from participation they must be able to notify you by 1) phone, 2) email, or 3) signing and returning the form.

Step 2: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Training 

Facilitators will be given access to the online CITI training and asked to complete the training prior to the start of research activities. The EYPC Project Director will follow-up with each facilitator about completion of the CITI training. https://oprs.research.illinois.edu/required-training

The training will discuss:
– Research protocol
– Privacy and confidentiality
– Consent
– Assessing Risk

Step 3: Pre-program Civics, Community and Health Survey

To establish their benchmark or baseline data, youth participating in EYPC should complete the Civics, Community and Health before any programming begins

Surveys are available in both paper format and on-line and can be requested through the EYPC Start-Up Information Form
Civics Community & Health Survey

Paper Survey Administration Guide
Online Survey Administration Guide

Step 4: EYPC Program Implementation

Implement with fidelity

  • Goal: 80% of participating youth attend at least 80% of the program sessions.
  • So that evaluators may monitor, track and document EYPC program implementation activity, facilitators should complete Facilitator Logs for each of the 16 EYPC Lessons they implement. Links to the Facilitator Log are sent to Facilitators upon submitting the EYPC Startup Information Form.

Step 5: Post-Program Civics, Community and Health Survey

To assess changes in youth attitudes and behaviors that may have resulted from their participation in the EYPC program, youth that completed this survey pre-program and completed 80% of the EYPC sessions, should complete the Civics, Community and Health survey after all EYPC programming has ended.

Youth who joined late and have not taken pre-program surveys should not take post-program surveys.