EYPC Forms

EYPC Facilitators

Program Start Up Form – Each Facilitator must complete and submit the EYPC Program Startup Information Form to begin each round of EYPC implementation.

Civics Community & Health Survey– a print version of the Youth Survey taken by young people who participate in the EYPC program to monitor its impacts. The online version consists of the same questions. This is a sample copy and cannot be used for the actual survey.


Consent/Denial Form– If they have not been provided with one, parents or guardians should print and review this form to provide informed consent for their child’s (under 18) participation in the EYPC Participant Survey (available for your review above). This document includes a form to decline your child’s participation. After downloading the document, print and complete the opt-out part of this form and return it to the EYPC Facilitator.

Note: This is NOT a consent form for your child to be involved in the EYPC program. Granting or denying consent for your child’s participation in the EYPC Participant Survey will not affect a child’s involvement in EYPC.