Facilitator’s Guide

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The EYPC Facilitator’s Guide is the backbone of the EYPC Program. After being trained, it provides everything needed for implementation.

A print version of the Facilitator’s Guide is provided free of charge to all EYPC Facilitator Training participants. Find the fully interactive PDF version below including electronic links to all eDocs and policy eDocs.

The eDocs are referred to within the Facilitator’s Guide and are printable and editable documents for facilitators to share with EYPC youth participants.

EYPC Interactive Facilitators Guide

Note: This Interactive Facilitator’s Guide is provided for trained Facilitators and for review by anyone considering EYPC. It is not designed to be used for program implementation by individuals who are not trained EYPC Facilitators.

*The e-Docs linked to this version of the Facilitator Guide are not the 2019 updated documents.  Please go here for the updated e-Docs.*